No matter if you offer a good product or a service you should sell it well to be successful! A long time ago it was prestigious to have an online web site and corporate email, today 80% of the sales are made online. If you want to develop a long term successful online business then you are on the right place, we are doing this since 2005! Svesoft works with you to utilize the best technology to support your business objectives. The starting point is always to understand your business, your clients, and how, together, we can achieve business improvement.

We develop online solutions that deliver Easy maintenance, Cost-effectiveness, Reliability and Scalability

WordPress development process

Every software project goes through a process, called a life cycle, that includes all the steps and activities that lead to the product’s initial release. It is possible to build a model of this life cycle that illustrates the activities at some level of abstraction, and that serves to establish the order in which a project specifies, implements, tests, and performs its activities. A well-built life cycle model can streamline a project and ensure that each step moves the project closer toward its goal.

Our core workflows are:

  • Requirements

    It is done to gather business, application, and technical requirements

  • Analysis

    It provides business and application modeling derived from requirements

  • Design

    It uses object-oriented techniques to complete the application architecture

  • Implementation

    It is execution of the designed work including prototypes

  • Testing

    It verifies the proper work has been done


We work with the best and most used CMS (content management system) in the World, which powers more than 33% of the web. It supports over 45,000 plugins, which we could customize to help your web site meet your needs.

How it works

  • Step 1

    First, you should define your goals

    For example, you will need a web site to sell and rent properties in UK, or have already such, but it does not work for you. (see the Success Story) Also, you should choose your add-on packages depending on your needs.

  • Step 2

    Contact Us

    Fill the Get A Free Quote Form

  • Step 3

    We’ll make the necessary analyses

    We will send you a quote if the project meets our requirements and there is no a conflict of interest with other client of ours. (We work with only one company making business in particular category and place, i.e. if you are Estate Agent in Kingston, London we’ll not work with other UK Estate Agents

  • Step 4

    We will start working on your project

    If we like your project we’ll start working to achieve your goals

Add-on Packages

After creating your website according the best practices, you’ll have 2 options, to continue develop and maintain your software and online marketing campaigns with in-house specialists for different positions, or to choose more cost effective method by outsourcing these tasks to us. Bellow you’ll find the most popular services/packages which we deliver to our clients.


Technical/Software Maintenance




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Success Story

Bellow you will find one of our customers success stories. We decided instead of publishing just a lot of projects to show you what we are doing for our customers in practice. Also, as we stated above our mission is not just to create websites, but to make web sites which work (deliver business) to our customers in a long term. This story could be yours!

We provide professional Airport transfer services from the largest Airports in Bulgaria to all local Summer and Winter resorts, as the main destinations are Sofia Airport to Bansko (ski), and Bourgas Airport to Sunny Beach. More than 80% of our clients are from United Kingdom. Our main sales channels were via partners as Hotels, Tour operators etc…

Before more than 2 years we decided to invest into our online present/sales by hiring outside contractor to create an Internet site and manage our web marketing (SEO and PPC). At the beginning everything looks fine, we were patient but as the time move forward we realized that we have a web site that do not make a business for us, unfortunately we have only 1 sale!

Everything have changed when we contacted the Svesoft experts. The whole process was professional, simple and effective!

  1. At the beginning they made an audit to our project and defined clear goals to achieve.
  2. Created a new VPS (Virtual Private Server) infrastructure to host our 4 projects and our corporate emails on it.
  3. Optimized our recent projects according the best practice and standards, achieving better security and lower load time, and make our site SEO friendly.
  4. After creating our new infrastructure and optimized our sites we outsourced the following services to Svesoft:
  • Technical and Software maintenance. This ensures that our infrastructure and software are up to date. For us this is very important to have the maximum uptime for our web sites, especially when we have more visitors and this brings a business for us. It was one Saturday night when our sites were hurt by hackers attack and were down. After one hour the problem was diagnosed and fixed, so we have a minimum downtime.
  • Online marketing, including SEO, PPC campaigns, and Sales. We could already see organic traffic for many of the main searches (for example “transfers from bourgas to sunny beach”) and it keeps increasing, our target in a long term is to be on first positions for all major keywords. Started Google PPC campaigns achieved 5% conversion rate and 80% decrease of the cost per click comparing with our previous campaigns. Svesoft created new sales procedures for us, and via online chat we increased from 0 to 50% the conversion rate.

After the first 3 months 30% of our sales have been made via our sites, and our target is to reach 80% in the next 9 months.

These guys are amazing and I’ll strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to have successful online business!

– Boris, CEO BGTRansfer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost of your services?

It depends on your project and requirements. You could use the “get a free quote” form to submit the info to us, and we will send you our offer. Please take in mind that sending us the project info does mean that we will work with you, because by example there could be conflict of interest (if we work with a client providing the same services in the same location).

Do you offer cheap web design and development services?

We do not make just websites, but work with our clients to develop their business and to achieve their goals. Our prices are competitive but with an accordance with the quality services that we offer. If the most important for you is to have a low cost web site then you should go for another solution, there are many agencies which could provide what are you looking for.

I need to hire WordPress developer or Agency, which one is better?

Basically in both cases you will have an expert who to work on your project, but what will happen if the specialist is not available at some point (by example become ill), in this case using an Agency will be an advantage, because you will not manage such situations. Also, the Agency could bring you additional benefits with expertise which will increase your site traffic and sales (PPC or/and SEO campaigns).

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